Philips TV Repair

If you need a first class Philips TV repair, let Telly Mend assist. The fully trained technicians can fix a range of problems efficiently. They can cater to domestic or commercial clients, performing repairs onsite at your house or office where possible.

Common problems covered by the service includes no sound, picture not displaying, HDMI damaged and the set not connecting to the internet. A Philips TV repair can be carried out for many other issues apart from these.

Whether your set is old or new, LED, plasma, or 4K, the skilled technicians know how to get it in full working condition once more. They are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction, and are proud of the quality of their work. For a fast and affordable Philips TV repair, get in touch now.

Philips TV Repair

Philips TV Not Turning On

If your Philips TV is not turning on, it can be rather frustrating. If the power source, remote, or power buttons aren't at fault, then a Philips TV repair is needed for this complicated issue.

Philips TV Picture Problems

If you are experiencing Philips TV picture problems, don't fret! The technicians can fix technical picture issues. Bear in mind that shattered screens are not economical to fix or replace.

Philips TV Volume Not Working

First, test to find if your Philips TV volume problems are caused by a faulty remote, or headphones being plugged in. Look at the cables and setup too. If this doesn't resolve the issue, a Philips TV repair is the ideal solution.

Philips TV HDMI Not Working

This can be fixed by replacing the HDMI. Every Philips TV repair includes a warranty covering any components replaced, so you can have peace of mind that the service is comprehensive.

Philips TV Repairs

Organising Philips TV repairs with Telly Mend is easy. The technicians can come to your home or workplace at a time that suits you, helping you to save time and energy. In most situations, one visit is all that is needed for the professionals to finish repairs. However, when the problem is more complex, the team will safely deliver your TV to an independent, well stocked repair centre. They will always make sure you are satisfied before doing so, and will keep you updated during the service.

At the repair centres the professionals have immediate access to specialist, high grade tools and replacement parts. This means they can resolve complicated problems promptly and effectively. Whether the Philips TV repairs are carried out onsite or offsite, the technicians work to the highest possible standards.

The team understand how valuable your TV is to you, which is why they train every technician carefully. They have the expertise to tackle different challenges capably, so you can be confident that your television will soon be working as good as new again. They will be happy to explain the problem and it's cause to you, and give guidance on preventing it from happening again. The professionals are dedicated to providing reliable Philips TV repairs, whatever the fault you are experiencing.

Philips TV Won't Turn On

Some common problems that clients report include the Philips TV won't turn on, Philips TV not connecting to Wifi, and the Philips TV is not recognising HDMI. These are just some of the most common faults that the technicians can provide Philips TV repairs for. If you don't see yours listed on this page, don't fret-the experts will still be able to assist! They would be happy to answer any queries and give advice on your television.

DIY repairs might seem tempting, as there are many videos online, and it's easier to purchase parts nowadays. However, the technicians frequently find that DIY repairs result in severely damaged sets, because the repair is not performed correctly. This can lead to the television being beyond repair, so you'll have to purchase a new one. If your television stops working normally, a professional Philips TV repair is the ideal way to go. The team supply a level of service that is exceptional in the industry.

To book your Philips TV repair, just submit the form on this page. Include your contact information, TV model, and a brief description of the fault. The team aim to respond to all enquiries within one working day, and will be in contact by email or telephone shortly. If there is anything you need, please don't hesitate to ask.

Philips LCD TV Repair

Philips LCD TV Repair

If you want a Philips LCD TV repair, don't be afraid to get in contact. The experts frequently work with LCD sets, and have the correct training to repair them safely and effectively.

Philips Plasma TV Repair

Philips Plasma TV Repair

Plasma TVs are loved for their high quality picture display, providing better colour contrasts and offering a larger range of viewing angles. If you require a specialist Philips plasma TV repair, the technicians can assist.

Philips LED TV Repair

Philips LED TV Repair

LED TVs are known for being more efficient and eco-friendly than the usual LCD television. Instead of creating waste by buying a new set when things go wrong, let the technicians conduct a Philips LED TV repair for you.

Philips Flat Screen TV Repair

Philips Flat Screen TV Repair

The team has years of experience in the business, and understand how to carry out an effective Philips flat screen TV repair for many popular models.

Philips TV Repair Quote

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My Philips TV does not turn on, why is this?

When your Philips TV won't power on, the most likely cause is a faulty power supply, so be sure to check this. If the remote or power button on the set aren't the cause, then a faulty capacitor, fuse, or control board might be the cause for this. Fortunately a Philips TV repair is possible for power issues.

How much does a Philips televisions repairs cost?

The cost of Philips television repairs will be calculated based on the model of the set, and the type of fault that needs to be resolved. The technicians will offer a personalised quote upon first enquiry.

Can I get a TV repair for a Philips at my workplace?

Yes, the technicians can provide an independent Philips TV service for domestic or commercial clients, at houses or workplaces. So if you have a commercial television that requires repairs, the technicians can come to you to perform the repair. For complicated repairs, the set will be safely taken to a service centre, once approved by you.

Philips TV repairs cover many models, including:

  • PFH
  • PFT
  • PHH
  • PUS
  • PUT
  • 4000
  • 5000
  • 6000
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